Illustration and graffiti

‍Art is a core element of my personality and has allowed me to meet great friends and enjoy amazing experiences. I love the creative process of painting and I am always willing to join fun artistic projects to meet new people and explore new ways of expression. The gallery below shows a selection of my p


Illustrated Music Video for Miss Crowley
One of my favorite artistic collaborations was the co-production of "Something New" video clip; a new song released in 2020 by the Turkish indie band Miss Crowley.
Interactive installations
Inside the cell
Inside the Cell is a commissioned art piece  we did for the Hubrecht Institute a biological research center in Utrecht. This multi-sensory experience is held inside a giant human cell where people can stick their heads in, observing and listening to the different biological processes in action. The interactive installation was revealed on the 'Day of Science' of 2018.
'Day of Science' of 2018 at Hubrecht Institute
Concept design and embodiment - Ward Goutards and Jeroen Korving
Software and hardware design and development - Pablo Ferreras
Sound design - Olivier Groutars
Weekend of science success
Check here the exhibition article
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